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A deck over a flat roof may sound like a strange idea, but in use, it can be a very practical one. Suited for flat residential roofs, many homeowners are finding ingenious ways to increase their usable space by adding an attractive upper-level deck. Whether creating a quiet reading space, a place to get some sun, or a romantic terrace off a bedroom, rooftop decks are a great way to put that barren space to good use. Working with experienced local roof services, this project is not that hard to accomplish, and can add beauty and value to any home with a flat roof.

Framing and Supporting the Roof

Before beginning any roof deck project it is essential to first make sure the roof is structurally sound enough to bear the additional weight. This involves tearing off the old roof down to the frame and rebuilding or supporting as necessary. Of particular importance, the roof should be pitched enough to promote water drainage to keep the deck dry and reduce the chance of leaks underneath. Once rebuilt with new, stronger frames and roof decking, flat residential roofs can then be converted into a small roof deck.

Sealing And Covering the Roof

Even though a deck will be built on top, the roof under a roof deck must still be covered in roofing material to keep it watertight. These residential roofs should be sealed with a rubber membrane underlayment as usual, and then covered in a strong, waterproof roofing material like EPDM roofing, and finished off as normal. Proper handling of roof edges is especially important as well since this roof will become a deck once it is finished. To provide a watertight, finished edge, roof services will glue the roofing material over the edges, then apply a drop edge to hold everything in place.

Adding Deck Posts to the Roof

Next, the deck posts are installed onto the existing roof. Since a roof deck is elevated, posts and deck railing are essential for safety. They must be installed and very carefully flashed to prevent water from dripping down the posts and leaking into the holes in the EPDM made by attaching the posts. By wrapping the posts in rubber membrane, inserting and attaching, and then flashing with more rubber membrane, roof services can create the most leak-proof deck posts that will not allow water damage to occur to the roof.

Building the Deck

With the deck posts installed and sealed, it is then time to actually build the deck. Another frame is created, this time on top of the roof, but to prevent adding more holes to the roof this frame is not fastened down. The weight of the deck and railing and attachment to the deck posts is more than sufficient to hold a smaller deck like this in place. Decking boards are attached to the frame, and then deck rails added after that to complete the structure. At that point, all that is needed is some stain or paint.

Adding a deck over a flat roof is a unique idea that homeowners will get much pleasure from once the project is complete. However, although this type of project is not terribly complicated, it is always recommended that homeowners hire experienced roof services to modify their residential roofs. Structural support and watertightness are two important factors that must be considered, so it is always best to work with a professional. To learn more about roof decks, and discuss adding one to homes with flat residential roofs, homeowners should contact qualified roof services in their area today!

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